Artwork of the Week: June 8

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Louise Nevelson (American, born Russia, 1900–1988), Sky Presence I, painted wood construction, 1960. H. 116 3/8 in.; W. 244 1/4 in. Gallery 1

Of the “found art” elements of her sculpture, Louise Nevelson said, “I began to see things, almost anything along the street as art…That’s why I pick up old wood that had a life, that cars have gone over and the nails have been crushed…All [my] objects are retranslated—that’s the magic.” See how many “retranslated” discarded objects you can identify in this imposing sculptural wall construction.

One Response to “Artwork of the Week: June 8”

  1. Use this piece to inspire little ones to create a work of art out of recyled materials this summer. Keep gluing found object all summer to shoe boxes. At end of summer spray paint with white or black spray paint. It might end up telling the story of your summer…..

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