Ancient Art Expert To Discuss the Evolution of Christ’s Image

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The Image of Christ in Late AntiquityHow do we know what Jesus looked like?

The Toledo Museum of Art’s Adam Levine, Ph.D., an ancient art expert, will explore this question during a free talk titled The Image of Christ in Late Antiquity at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 24 in the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle.

Jesus has long been imagined as having lengthy, centrally-parted locks and a beard. Levine will explore how this likeness emerged through an examination of Christ images that circulated in Late Antiquity (200–700) and became mostly standardized around the time of Byzantine Iconoclasm (726–843). He’ll also introduce some of the problems with the evidence that Christ looked as we think he does and how we learned to recognize these depictions.

The talk is co-sponsored by the Archeological Institute of America-Toledo Society.

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