Artists within 150-mile Radius of Toledo Invited to Enter 95th Toledo Area Artists Exhibition

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The Toledo Museum of Art will begin accepting submissions June 1 for the 95th Toledo Area Artists Exhibition (TAA). This year the call for submissions has a new twist. Artists will be invited to take part in the show based on a digital portfolio of their work.

The exhibition, which will be on view Nov. 21, 2014–Jan. 3, 2015 in the Canaday Gallery, continues the Museum’s tradition of celebrating and recognizing the best work by artists in this region.

While the exhibition has been in existence nearly a century, the Museum has made a number of changes this year to keep it fresh and relevant to the growing artistic community within a 150-mile radius.

In addition to boosting prize money to $10,000—the Best of Show award is $5,000—the exhibition will be displayed primarily in the spacious Canaday Gallery, where a greater variety of media, including site-specific installations, can be shown.

Artists are asked to submit a digital portfolio of up to 10 works representing their best work in any medium. The portfolios will be reviewed by the Museum’s Associate Director Amy Gilman and Mellon Fellow Halona Norton-Westbrook, who is exhibition curator. Artists invited to take part will work with Norton-Westbrook in selecting which of their works will represent them in the show. A yet-to-be named outside adjudicator will select the prize winners.

“The new look of the show acknowledges just how seriously TMA takes the local artist community,” said Norton-Westbrook. “We want to be inclusive of artists working in different mediums and artists at different stages of their careers in this region.”

The deadline to submit portfolios is midnight June 30. Artists selected will be notified in mid-July.

27 Responses to “Artists within 150-mile Radius of Toledo Invited to Enter 95th Toledo Area Artists Exhibition”

  1. Debra Buchanan says:

    I have the prospectus from Cal for Entry, however I still have a few questions that were not addressed in the prospectus that are usually clearly stated in past entry guidelines. They are as follows:
    1) If the image has been included in a past TAA exhibition, can it still be entered as part if the body of work?
    2) Is there a limit on the amount of time since the creation of the work, in the past work had to be created within X amount of years?
    3) Are there any pixel and size requirements?

    I believe that all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for your help.

    Debra Buchanan

  2. Ray Paschen says:

    What is the email were supposed to send a digital portfolio to for the artist exhibition?

  3. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hello, Ray. Portfolios are to be submitted through the call listing on You can find it here:

  4. Is there a prospectus and entry requirement for the TAA exhibit somewhere on-line that we can view. Sorry if I missed it but I would dearly love to enter.

    Patricia J. Banks

  5. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hi Patricia!

    The prospectus can be found here: You can also find more information and the link for entry submissions at

  6. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hi Debra! Those are great questions. Answers are as follows:

    1) Yes! Works that have been submitted in the past can be included in the portfolio for this year’s TAA.
    2) Artworks submitted must be made in the last seven years and must faithfully correspond to the images provided.
    3) The CaFE portfolio provides 960 MB of space for the images and/or videos. CaFE also has a handy guide that outlines media size options:

    If you have any more questions, please let us know.

  7. Matt Squibb says:


    1. Can the submitted portfolio be made of various mediums?

    2. If selected how many works will be exhibited per artists?
    [I am concerned about the cost per individual artist]

    3.How many artists do you plan to exhibit?

    4.Is it possible that works from outside the submitted portfolio will be selected by the curator?

    Thank you

  8. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hi Matt! Thanks for the questions. Answers are below:

    1) Yes it can. The portfolio should represent the artist’s best work and can include multiple mediums.
    2) That will be determined by the curator. There is no hard or fast number.
    3) There is neither a maximum nor minimum number of artists for this year’s exhibition.
    4) It is possible, Matt. That will be coordinated between the artist and the curator.

  9. Ron Mlicki says:

    You request a current CV. What is a CV?
    Thank You

  10. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hi Ron! A CV is similar to a resume. It should give relevant information about your work experience, training and exhibition history if applicable.

  11. Ron Mlicki says:

    OK, I assume I would include with my portfolio at Cafe.

  12. KS says:

    1. How should the jpeg files be named?
    2. Is there a place to list titles, medium, size, price, etc? What information is required/important?

  13. KS says:

    OK, I uploaded an image and see that’s how you add the info, but is there a specific way we should name the jpeg file? :)

  14. KS says:

    I know I read this somewhere, but I can’t find it! Is it ten images total or ten works of art? (What if you have 3 images of a 3D piece?)

  15. Darin Miller says:

    Works will not be insured for loss or damage while at the museum? That is quite a deterrent for those of us serious about the time and effort put into our art. Want to submit- but this makes me more than a little cautious. Every museum exhibition I have been a part of, the art was insured.

  16. Linda Williams says:

    When is the last day to submit?

  17. KS says:

    One more!!!
    For price, should it be the retail price, or wholesale (without commission)?

  18. Stephanie Elton says:

    The deadline to submit portfolios is 11:59 EST Monday, June 30, Linda.

  19. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hi KS! The portfolio can contain up to ten images. An artist can choose to include just one work or any number up to ten.

  20. Stephanie Elton says:

    There are no specifications when it comes to naming the image files.

  21. Stephanie Elton says:

    I’ve asked the exhibition curator for clarification regarding price. Hope to have an answer for you soon.

  22. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hello! If you choose to include prices for your works, you can list either the retail or wholesale price. Please note that pricing (whether your opt to include it or not) has no bearing on entry to the show.

  23. Stephanie Elton says:

    Thanks for your comment, Darin; we appreciate your thoughts and your feedback.

    Historically, the museum has not provided fine arts insurance coverage for the works in the TAA show.

    This is due to the more casual nature of the show in the past when the museum did not curate the exhibition but rather acted primarily as a hosting venue. However, the aims and expectations for the exhibition are evolving and the issue of how insurance is handled for works in the show is currently under review.

  24. Meredith Adamisin says:

    Is anyone else having issues uploading their images to the Call for Entry site? I’ve checked my internet speed/file format and I am still unable to upload my imagery to the site.

  25. Stephanie Elton says:

    Meredith, are you still having issues with uploading your images? Image specifications for CaFE are as follows:

    File format: JPEG only
    File dimensions: No smaller than 1920 pixels on the longest side
    File resolution: 72 ppi/dpi (standard web resolution)
    File size: 3 MB maximum

    Additional information regarding media preparation is available at

  26. Amanda Krugliak says:

    Hi, I made the deadline, but somehow in review, it appears that my CV didn’t load properly, although it allowed me to finish and pay entry fee. Can you please tell me where I can send an email with my CV so that you have it
    Thanks so much,

  27. Stephanie Elton says:

    Good morning, Amanda! We checked your entry and everything regarding your submission went through fine, including your CV.

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