TMA to Host Jacques Tati Film Festival August 6-9

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Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Play Time, this four-day film festival presents the best works of famed director, writer and actor Jacques Tati. The triple threat – the writer/director/actor’s oeuvre is one of the most notable in film history – created the endearingly befuddled character Monsieur Hulot. A former mime, Tati’s early experiences acting without words influenced not only his impeccable comedic timing, but his penchant for creating films with little dialogue and perfectly composed visuals.

“PlayTime” (1967)
Aug. 6: 7 p.m., Peristyle
An adeptly choreographed, nearly wordless comedy about confusion in an age of high technology.

“M. Hulot’s Holiday” (1953)
Aug. 7: 7 p.m., Little Theater
Monsieur Hulot takes a holiday at a seaside resort, where his presence provokes one catastrophe after another.

“Trafic” (1971)
Aug. 8: 9 p.m., Parking Lot 3
The bumbling Monsieur Hulot takes to Paris’s highways and byways.

“Mon Oncle” (1958)
Aug. 9: 7 p.m., Little Theater
Slapstick prevails again when Monsieur Hulot is set loose in Villa Arpel, where he gets a job at an antiseptic plastic hose factory.

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  1. Michael Barthold says:

    What a great addition to “Playtime”. I was at TMA this afternoon. J.Tati is the ultimate invitation to play. See you at all 4 films.
    Mike Barthold

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