Artwork of the Week: June 15

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Paul Seide (American, born 1949), Radio Light, blown glass, mercury and argon gas, 1985. H. 16 1/2 in. The Wolfe Gallery, part of the special exhibition Color Ignited: Glass 1962–2012

Radio Light uses a specially designed radio transmitter to light the sculpture. The looping tubes of colored glass are filled with mercury and argon gas. The glass is placed on antenna plates that are connected to the radio transmitter by wires. Both the radio and glass need to be tuned to achieve the maximum frequency of radio waves to excite the molecules of mercury and gas, making the work light up and glow.

2 Responses to “Artwork of the Week: June 15”

  1. Robert Purtock says:

    I have the same Paul Seide piece as pictured above. I know that you have done some research into the care,maintenance and tuning of the sculpture and I would really like to pick your brains on what you have learned so that I can maintain my piece also and hopefully learn how to tune it so that it is best displayed
    Many thanks
    Bob Purtock

  2. Stephanie Elton says:

    Hi Robert! The Art Reference Library will be able to assist you with your inquiry. For more information, please contact us at (419) 254-5770 or

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