Volunteers Log Over 18,000 Hours

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TMA is fortunate to have a dedicated corps of volunteers. For the 2011-2012 fiscal year, 584 volunteers put in 18,394 hours in support of the Museum. In addition to Ambassadors and Docents, volunteers donate their time in the Family Center and at the Information Desks; during It’s Friday and other special events; as Peristyle ushers and Speaker’s Bureau representatives; assisting in the office and on student and senior citizen art projects. To learn more about becoming a Museum volunteer, contact Linda Geisinger at 419-255-8000 ext. 7392

2 Responses to “Volunteers Log Over 18,000 Hours”

  1. Barbara Barkan says:

    I am very interested in volunteering at the Museum. Some years ago I did volunteer and enjoyed it very much.

    Since retiring I have more flexible time to contribute.

    Thank you for your time

  2. kellygarrow says:

    Please contact Linda Geisinger in our Volunteer Office about your desire to volunteer. We would love to have you back! Her number is 419-255-8000 x7392.

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