Apollo Society Acquires Contemporary Glass for Museum

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The TMA Apollo Society has acquired three works of contemporary studio glass for the Museum’s glass collection: Colorbox II by Japanese sculptor Jun Kaneko, Twilight Powered by Electricity Makes for a Brilliant New Horizon by emerging artist Andrew Erdos and Dew Point 18  by Ohio native Maya Lin. Also, individual members of the Society purchased, as a gift to the Museum, two other objects: Vase, Bottle, Bowl by Jane Bruce and Nature by Judith Schaechter. Four of the acquisitions are on display as part of Color Ignited: Glass 19622012, while Dew Point 18 is on view in the Glass Pavilion near the Parkwood entrance.

2 Responses to “Apollo Society Acquires Contemporary Glass for Museum”

  1. Cathy Helm says:

    I just saw last Sunday’s CBS program “Sunday Morning” where they did a segment on the Toledo School of Glass. It referred to an exhibit of glass on view at the Toledo Museum of Art.
    I found it fascinating and am wondering if it is on view now? I would love to come see it.
    Thank you for giving me the information.
    Cathy Helm

  2. michelleharvey says:


    You just missed it — “Color Ignited” closed on Sept. 9.


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