Artwork of the Week: October 26

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François Clouet (French, about 1510–1572), Elizabeth of Valois, oil on canvas, about 1560. H. 14 1/4 x 9 7/8 in. Gallery 15

This Fall, the Artwork of the Week celebrates the Museum’s “Season of Portraiture.” Painted around the time of her marriage to King Philip II of Spain, this portrait of Elizabeth of Valois, daughter of King Henri II of France, captures not only her noble bearing and splendid costume, but also a hint of a lively personality. Fourteen at the time of her wedding, Elizabeth (1545–1568) was the third wife of 33-year-old Philip (ruled 1556–1598). Their marriage in 1559 was part of peace negotiations ending 60 years of war between France and Spain.

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