Columbus Artist David King to Give Free Lecture at Toledo Museum of Art Sept. 12

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Bottle by David King

Bottle by David King

Columbus-based glass artist David King, whose handmade bottles examine the role of mass production in America, will give a free talk in the Toledo Museum of Art GlasSalon at 7 p.m. on Sept. 12.

King’s art illuminates the impact of bottle production, from the sinuous shapes that hold soda to the more substantial ones that contain whiskey.

The artist will contribute to his ongoing body of work as a Guest Artist Pavilion Project (GAPP) resident, exploring the impact of the automatic bottle-blowing machine (invented by Libbey Glass employee Michael Owens in 1903). Visitors can watch King create in the Hot Shop after his talk and throughout the weekend as he gleans inspiration from the Museum’s collection, responding to and reinterpreting works related to this theme.

“The bottle form has been a consistent interest of mine for several years and I find the challenge of replicating specific forms a particular passion,” King said. “It’s expanded my interest in the history of glass production, particularly in America, and its role in the Industrial Revolution.”

A native of Dayton, Ohio, King has exhibited his work nationally and internationally. In 2011, he earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from Temple University. He was recognized as an emerging artist at the 2012 Glass Art Society conference, titled “Idea, Impact and Innovation: 50 Years of American Studio Glass.” Currently, King is an instructor at Ohio State University.

The GAPP program invites international and regional artists to highlight the unique nature of the Glass Pavilion by experimenting with glass in innovative ways

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