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Circle is an affinity group of the Toledo Museum of Art. Our diverse, civically and culturally engaged members work with Toledo Museum of Art staff liaisons to develop new, innovative ways of connecting the Toledo community with the museum and with art.

What's New?

Our new emphasis is on contributing to a vibrant arts community through innovative and inclusive programming that engages new audiences with the museum. The new iteration of Circle engages a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground approach to outreach and community engagement to cultivate a welcoming, participatory, and collaborative museum experience.

Circle Labs

Circle programming is now re-branded as “Circle Labs." These are events held 2-3 times per year that address innovation and inclusivity in art museums through piloting experimental community engagement programming such as Story Circles, art/museum trivia, intergroup dialogues, and mock Art Committee meetings as well as activities designed for the medical industry.


Circle was formerly known as Circle 2445. Circle 2445 was founded with the intention of engaging the Toledo Museum of Art with a younger audience, primarily young professionals. After four successful years of working with Northwest Ohio’s young professionals, the Toledo Museum of Art and Circle 2445 decided to broaden our membership base to more fully reflect the diversity of the Toledo community, and rebranded as “Circle” to indicate this change. The Circle Transition Team, comprised of four past Circle Board members and three Toledo Museum of Art staff liaisons, is overseeing the transition.

Is Circle for me?

Circle welcomes anyone in the Toledo community who shares our passion for art and our commitment to inclusive, community-centered arts experiences. For 2018, we extend a special welcome to members of the medical community. The growing, expanding medical community reflects the diversity of Toledo and we are excited to explore the intersections between wellness and the arts.

Why Join?

Joining Circle is a great way to expand your cultural horizons, support a Toledo anchor institution, and serve and connect with your community. Circle membership is $25 a year in addition to TMA membership.

About Your Membership

Your Circle membership corresponds with your TMA membership.  For example, if your TMA membership covers one adult, your Circle membership covers one adult (e.g. Individual membership).  If your TMA membership covers two adults, your Circle membership covers two adults.  (e.g. Family members only have to pay $25 to join Circle and both will be covered).

Questions? Contact us at

Membership Benefits

  • Free admission to most Circle events, including “Circle Labs” and Monroga 
  • Discounted ticket to Circle’s flagship spring event
  • Opportunities to plan Circle events and network with other members 

Stay in Touch

When you join Circle, you will be automatically added to our email list and receive our newsletter.

Join the Circle Board

We are currently seeking new leaders to shape the next direction for Circle.

Board Member Core Requirements:

  • Commitment to either a 1 or 2-year term (with possibility of 1-2 year renewal).
  • Maintain Toledo Museum of Art Membership.
  • Attend 75% of all annual Circle Board Meetings.
  • Attend 50% of all Circle events and programs.
  • Actively participate in implementation of at least one Circle program or event committee annually.

Board Member Financial Requirements: 

  • Maintain Toledo Museum of Art membership and Circle membership annually.

Board Member Responsibilities: 

  • Lead and provide strategic and tactical direction for Circle.
  • Act as an ambassador in the community for Circle and the Toledo Museum of Art.
  • Be informed and aligned with Circle’s mission, policies, and procedures.
  • Help identify, network with and establish potential donor organizations.
  • Network within your local contacts to promote and support Circle’s brand, programs and events, as well as Toledo Museum of Art initiatives.
  • Work with Toledo Museum of Art staff in implementing Circle initiatives, events, programming, marketing and other activities.

The deadline for consideration is Friday, June 1, 2018 at 5 p.m. Eastern. Click here to apply.