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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Alex Joyce

3rd Place

The Enigma

A smoggy cloud in a geometric frame
Covers up a colored mane
Much unknown the intent
To paint to that extent

Never again shall the surface be judged
The truth and identity lay smudged
Fruitlessly it hangs on the wall
Defined as a bleak waterfall

Layers of color fell that day
Much unknown, they faded away
Strands of light, one by one
Disappearing from the everlasting sun

There should not be fear
The colors they are near
Looking from a distance is naught
An eyesore is the thought

Dalet Tet is an enigma
Wrapped in its own charisma
A unique design
That is siren to the mind

A puzzle, a statement
A riddle, an embellishment
A futuristic stigma
An enigma