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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Sydney Lahre

Honorable Mention

Picking Up the Pieces

is what my life has become
a million little pieces
What society wants,
I cannot give.
Keeping me down,
I must fight for what I am.
or who I’ve become

I fight for those around me.
Those that appear as a whole being,
but are no stronger than a desert cottontail,
fearing everyday
knowing the coyote lurks in the dark

I fight the haunting dream
that wakes me up at night.
I scream for change,
but no one listens
like a Lone Cypress in Monterey
Standing above the rest
but once it falls
into the vast waters
Not a soul cares to hear it
besides the roaring waves

I fight for those unable to fight.
Who claim they hold no power
Who fear the unknown
Who fear the fork in the road
because never deciding
seems better than taking the risk

I fight for you,
because I fight for Freedom