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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Joey Sechrist

Honorable Mention


Eyes imbued with a red fluorescence
His closet blinks open and stares
He yearns for the star of morning
The ring of the trumpeting blare

The ivory flannel, he blindly grasps
Pants scarlet of rage belated
Mirrored by snickering decadence
Girded by shades he once hated

His suitcase created of Brother’s flesh
Carried with spite-laden snorts
Shuffling down avenue’s granite
To stamp every rancid report

The labyrinth walls, a darkened dream
A maze replaced grey cubic cages
Yet he’s lost now more than ever before
His hooves scarcely turn all the pages

Sour subservience settles his tongue
Rage emaciated leaves the dregs’ haze
For the furnace of guardian’s duty
Stagnated for years without blaze

The cuffs of his sleeves are his shackles
The daily commute now his chain
The bull roars it’s head in defiance
For the normalcy made him insane