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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Mary Brandon

Honorable Mention

Chaliced Skies

Positive chalice
poured blood, lenient father
mourning in death
Hexagon cat –
shapeless gods filter through golden tattered visions in red
Darkness spreads
inside out, spinning monsters,
magicians, alchemists, sufis
missing mystical turns,
too fast to be seen naked
Past collides with present, as blood rains down on paper dolls
Bent wooden figures,
tearing teeth,
skulls with swollen eyes seeking their savior
inside the crevasses of the stoked canvass
Hands clasped in prayer –
cuffed in painted chains of religion
Black barbed hooks, blue bile
dripping hope upon hallowed halos,
crown of thorns
king of fools
Wooden nailed brushes stroke fleshless creatures
Ribcage of religion exposed,
bones picked clean by the screams of the innocent crusaders
Sinners alike join hands
Onlooker, misbeliever kneel down –
Fire anoints,
The veil lowers once again,
bloodied by chaliced skies.