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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Evan Kachmarik

1st Place

To My Beloved

I wake; the majestic gong of the cathedral ringing aimlessly in my ear.
The warm aroma of the pastries, and the hustling of the town.
The smoke ruffling out of the chimneys of many.
The sky is a fresh tint of blue, big puffy clouds like pillows you can reach out and touch.
The trees moving in motion like an elaborate dance that soothes the soul.
I set forth to see you . . .

I feel the cool air blasting my face,
The smell of salt water runs through my veins.
I step up to the ship, see the mighty French flag waving proudly above me.
I can see the distant sea, and the beautiful clear waters,
The reflection of the sun on the graceful ocean.
Panic sets in for these ships are not always reliable,
Yet I feel soothed by the water rocking me back to sleep.
I will see you soon . . .

We have been at sea more than a week.
I long to remember your face, your smile.
I miss the way you laughed,
How you looked when you are frustrated.
I look up to the sky . . . it is black with many sparkling stars that remind me of you.
I will be there soon, we will be together.

Things have not been going well
For the rations are low, mutiny may be afoot.
Captain has spotted a storm coming from the west,
We must enter or we will not get to the Americas.
It is either take our chances, or die of starvation.
Times are tough, but I will see you no matter what.
Pray for me for I shall see you one last time.

This pains me to write, we might not get there.
The ship is overflowing with frigid scummy waters,
Lower decks flooded up to our waists,
People running in terror
As wave after wave of pure destruction splashes on top of us.
I am struggling to keep the ropes tied to the ship.
Yet I am still determined to make it to you.
I will make it to you.

The winds have died down.
The rain has ceased, the sun is shining.
A beautiful hue of colors splash the sky
We are heading towards the new land.
It was yet another miracle from God the father.
Next time you shall hear from me,
I will be seeing your lovely face, looking at your beautiful smile,
Hearing your laugh in my head.
All is well, I shall see you soon my beloved.
I shall see you soon . . . Joanna . . . my beloved.