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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Laramie Reynolds

3rd Place

Twisted Reflection

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?
Don’t ask me, I cannot see, for love of lies ruins the eyes in the face that stands before me
I’ve spent so much time looking in the mirror, it’s beyond the reflection that I’ve forgot

A love-struck fool must watch, for every bloody rose has thorns to prick like the spindle of a spinning wheel
And love, after all, is madness, so does love of power count?
Position is, as you know, a fickle thing, but virtue is a fig

A mirror as cold as opaque glass; Never can it be clear
Pointed polished petals that love you not are blades that you hold dear
But I see your patterns of deception, only found in my reflection

When devils put on the blackest sins they suggest, at first, heavenly shows
So your glass slipper is walking on eggshells, and it’s almost midnight
And you know how glass can shatter

I show you you, so you are dark, but I show light the same, so I must take the blame
Distortion is so simple, when you only have one piece of the unsolvable puzzle
So let him die upon the kiss, for it won’t wake the princess

Morals can be irresolute
When any frog can be a prince

Don’t you know how mirrors work?
They change the way the light bends
And twist it

My foliage is smooth and grey, my surface cold and gleaming
My patterns’ interlocking chains link the secrets I am keeping
Even if you speak no words, what I know, I know
So let the curtains close