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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Alex Whitacre

Honorable Mention


What is this place between heaven and hell, earth and sky?
Where the sun sets in one corner, and rises in the next…
Where the soft atmosphere changes from light yellows to deep greens and blues
And there isn’t an up, nor a down, when you are in the middle.
It’s your perspective, your choice, there aren’t any rules in place
that’s why you are out here, in the open, the choices endless.
Or are you sitting inside, secluded?
Just glancing at the surface, not emerged?
I create scenes, paint places, and imagine worlds.
I challenge the mind, create opinions, and reflect feelings,
I push you to see the possibilities in the canvas, to see the potential in the brush.
It’s up to you to be inspired, to inspire others, to keep the creativity alive.