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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest 2013

Jenna Reichert

Honorable Mention

In The Garden

Hidden between the sea of great wonders,
and green wisps of grass,
Lives a little place, imperceptible,
as if it were drawn shut with white lace, and a clasp.

Esoteric, mysterious, great awe is drawn here.
Clear as the sky, mere as the plains,
Resplendent, like the sun on pavement,
after a fresh spring rain.

As you step in now, my darling,
Beneath the canopy of trees,
The rustling of branches, the birds and the bees.
Let the exquisiteness of the garden convey you along,
As you are here, no fear shall be drawn.

Flowers are ablossom, flowers are abloom,
No thorn shall take over, no weed shall be strewn.
For you are here in the garden, in this moment today,
Let the dew reach your fingertips, draw in the scent of new day.

Come to the garden.
Bask in the light.
The world is calm, and peaceful, and bright.