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The Dramatic Image: Baroque Prints of the 17th Century

The Carracci

The Carracci brothers Annibale (1560–1609) and Agostino (1557–1602) were the cofounders of the first Italian Baroque Academy in Bologna, Italy, in 1582. The Academia degli Incamminati (Academy of “those on the go,” or “progressives”), was intended for more advanced students already in the process of becoming professional artists. The curriculum combined formal study, including drawing from live models, with art theory.Through their school and their many important commissions (see Carlo Cesio’s etchings after Annibale Carracci’s Farnese Palace frescoes, pp. 34–37), the Carracci were instrumental in reintroducing classical forms and ideals into Italian art during a time when the exaggerations and stylizations of Mannerism were in vogue. Their art strongly influenced the new Baroque style.