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The Dramatic Image: Baroque Prints of the 17th Century

Jacques Callot
French, 1592–1635

Plundering and Burning a Village

Translated inscription:
Those whom Mars supports with his evil deeds, serve in this manner the poor country people. They take them prisoner, burn their villages and even wreak havoc on their livestock. Neither fear of the Commandments, nor sense of duty, nor tears and cries can move them.

Attack on a Coach

Translated inscription:
In the seclusion of forests and deserted places, quite far from military drill and duties, these infamous thieves lead the life of assassins, and their bloody arm deals only in robbery, so possessed are they with the cruel desire to take travelers’ property and life.

Discovery of the Criminal Soldiers

Translated inscription:
After the commission of several low crimes by these good-for-nothing enemies of glory, they are sought everywhere with great diligence, and the camp provost marshal brings them back to quarters to receive, as they deserve, a punishment commensurate with their temerity.

from Les Grandes Misères et Malheurs de la Guerre (The Great Miseries and Misfortunes of War)

Etching, 1633
Purchased with funds from the Libbey Endowment, Gift of Edward Drummond Libbey, 1982.130g-i