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George Bellows and New York, 1900–1930

Index of Artists

Bellows, George 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Haviland, Paul Borty 18
Hassam, Child 16,17
Hopper, Edward 22
Lozowick, Louis 23
Marin, John 21

Written by students in the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, art history class “George Bellows and the Ashcan School”: Isabella Achenbach, Ellen Busch, Nicolette Chao, Matthew Chess, Michael Connelly, Megan Darlington, Megan Flattley, Austin Han, Lauren Iverson, Alec Lessner, Caitlin Miller, Jin Moon, Alison Reed, Judy Su, Brianna Weisbord, Leah Williams, Natascha Williams, Eleni Zaras; Rebecca Zurier, professor.

Art Direction by Kyle Iwanicki, Graphic Designer
Designed by Madhouse |
Photography by Julia Hayes and Tim Motz, Toledo Museum of Art; Photography, Inc., Toledo
Edited by Paula Reich, Interpretive Projects and Managing Editor, Toledo Museum of Art

George Bellows and New York, 1900–1930, Toledo Museum of Art, February 14–April 21, 2014

This exhibition is supported in part by the generous members of the Toledo Museum of Art and the Ohio Arts Council.

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Pennell, Joseph 14, 15
Ruzicka, Rudolph 20
Shinn, Everett 12
Sloan, John 9, 10, 11
Struss, Karl 19