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George Bellows and New York, 1900–1930

George Bellows
American, 1882-1925

Artists’ Evening

Gift of Mrs. S. C. Walbridge, 1933.82

An example of the social life that Bellows experienced while living in New York, Artists’ Evening takes place at Petitpas, a popular hangout for artists and writers in this period. Represented are the artist and raconteur John Butler Yeats (with the beard), artist and Bellows’ teacher Robert Henri (standing furthest to the right), Henri’s wife Marjorie (at the table on the left, shown drawing), George Bellows himself (between Yeats and Henri), and Bellows’ wife Emma (in the center, facing the viewer).

Bellows uses contrast of value and enough detail to ensure recognition of his peers, but not of the people in the background. The sketchy quality of line is reminiscent of Henri’s teachings of the importance of quick illustration: “gesture expresses…the states of life.”