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George Bellows and New York, 1900–1930

George Bellows
American, 1882-1925

In the Studio

Gift of Mrs. S. C. Walbridge, 1933.49

This cross-section of the Bellows residence includes the artist (shown painting his wife) as well as his two children, mother-in-law (who is talking on the telephone), and maid. His lithographer, George Miller, works upstairs. A more private scene than his usual representations of city life, In the Studio contains tiny details of the artist’s home and work life that encourage careful looking.

A relatively young George Bellows found himself firmly established in the art world by the winter of 1916, when this print was executed. Though his paintings had achieved significant recognition, Bellows began to create both original prints and ones replicating his previous paintings to enable more widespread viewing of his works. Shortly after purchasing a lithography press for printmaking in his own home, Bellows sent out versions of this print in Christmas cards to family and friends offering the audience of his work a glimpse into the artist’s private life and material success.