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Prints and Authors in the Time of Manet

James-Jacques-Joseph Tissot
French, 1836–1902 John S. Farmer
British, about 1845–about 1915 Twixt Two Worlds: A Narrative of the Life and Work of William Eglinton Etching and letterpress, 1885–86
Published by The Psychological Press, London, 1886
Mrs. George W. Stevens Fund, 1987.187William Eglinton was a famous London occult figure in the late 19th century. During an Eglinton-led séance, the ‘spirit’ of Mrs. Newton, James Tissot’s deceased mistress, appeared, reportedly kissing Tissot and shaking hands around the table. Convinced of Eglintion’s legitimacy, Tissot produced an etching of him as the frontispiece for this publication about Eglinton’s work. The color plates of trance-like imagery throughout the book are by the Dutch bird illustrator, J.G. Keulemans (1842–1912).