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Prints and Authors in the Time of Manet

Jules-Ferdinand Jacquemart
French, 1837–1880

Squirrel and Fly? (L’écurueil et la mouche?)

Etching, 1863
Museum purchase, 1923.35

Although best known for his etchings of art objects, Jules Jacquemart created a number of prints for inclusion in the publication Eaux Fortes Modernes (Modern Prints), including the title page.
Jules Jacquemart was one of the most gifted etchers of his or any time. He is best known for his meticulously rendered etchings of art objects. As historian F. L. Leipnik put it, “So far as his technical skill is concerned, Jacquemart was nothing short of a wizard; and although not the first artist to reproduce curios on the copper plate, he was certainly the first to portray that aspect of the surface-texture of curios which one may be permitted to call the reflection of the soul of the inanimate object.”