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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Artemisia Gentileschi
Lot and His Daughters
Gallery 36

Azhane Vance

The Aftermath

HE said never to look back
I assume you already know that I did
You may be curious about my punishment:
You heard correctly – I became salt.
It feels rough
You think that’s the worst
Well it’s not.
No movement: unable to hug my daughters or smile at my husband is a tragedy itself
Dissolved: I pray it doesn’t rain any time soon
(then again, if it does, that will put an end to my misery)
I can’t protect myself from harm.
Yes, I still feel pain.
A man traveling into the city took notice of me
And bored, he raised his rod to hit me in the head.
I had the baddest migraine for days on end.
Another reality: Starvation
I’ve been without food for twenty years, yet I’m still alive.
I’m not mad at HIM because HE warned me
Only person I can blame is myself.
Take it from me, when God tells you something,
Don’t second guess it;