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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Antoine-Jean Gros
Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau
Gallery 31

Lucas Weinbrecht

The Horrific Triumph of Napoleon

Bursting bombs roar in the background, piercing the ears of nearby soldiers,
Leaving more and more dead bodies on the messy battlefield.
Smoke pollutes the air, choking the men,
Snow falls to the ground, the chill rising into their bones,
Terror fills the eyes of fighting soldiers
Along with the sight of dying men, staring sightlessly into the distant baby blue sky.
Some pray for God’s assistance,
Others say their goodbyes to brothers who fought alongside them, –
Difficult to keep control of self through all the tragic commotion.
Still Napoleon roars out orders the men must follow,
Demanding them to Attack the enemy!
Everyone battle with everything you have!
Fight for your country, fight for your leaders, fight for your pride!
No time for cowardly or fearful thoughts.
No time for defeat.