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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Toledo Museum of Art
Room from Villa Solitude
Gallery 23A

Alex Campos

A Day in the Village

This is a great day for a walk in the village. Everyone is out and about doing their daily activities, cheery and glad to be alive. Children are playing tag in the fields while the adults in the village square gossip and run weekly errands for their families. The air in the village feels different, has more of a lively feeling. I’m wondering why all the villagers are so cheerful. So I ask a woman who tends to her fruit stand. She answers that the King had visited them the past week and he was very impressed with the crop harvest. He rewarded all the farmers a lower tax for the year because they were doing so well. I was surprised by this news. I had never heard that the King was so generous to his people. “But that was a different King,” the women whispered. “His son, the new king obviously has very contrasting views with his father.” I can’t but wonder what it would be like to be a king . . . .Would it be an easy job, always willing to make my people happy and cheerful? Or hard and very demanding with very tough choices? Oh, how I wonder.