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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Georgia O’Keeffe
Brown Sail, Wing and Wing, Nassau
Director’s Conference Room

Amber Mulholand

Your Struggle

Beautiful powder blue skies, puffed with marshmallow clouds,
A mote of lighthouse in the distance on a sand-washed seashore,
Such beautiful scenery surrounding, yet all you
See is the bright burgundy sail in front of you,
Struggle, an obstruction from God’s Grandeur around you.
Missing God’s beauty set right before your very eyes,
Your struggle is strong and looming, as the sail of the boat
All consuming, as the deep burgundy of the sail.
You pray to God to see beyond the wine colored chains,
You sail on through the navy waters, and soon the marshmallow clouds clear.
The sail fades into the background, the lighthouse grows to more than a speck —
A detailed piece of artwork stands in front of you, vibrant and beautiful.
You smell the fresh scent of trees in the distance,
You have won the race,
You have kept the faith,
God’s Grandeur is clearly visible in every horizon of your life.