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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Jan van de Cappelle
Shipping off the Coast
Gallery 24
Sarah Rumple

Prayer before Sailing

Dark clouds and a Ship.
Passengers and Sailors look to the foreboding sky.
The Captain sends a prayer conveyed by courier angels into the hands of the Almighty Creator!
The frightened faces sailing to the Bourbon rulers solemnly beseech
That the prayer meets His pleasure.
Let him spare mortal lives and their livelihoods.
A Boy no younger than I looks to the sky, praying.
The anxious village prays for its Sailors who travel so far.
Gray, unsettled tension hovers in the air, waiting to implode,
But the subtle, whooshing sounds of waves and rhythmic rowing subside the blow.
The calm settles in like an unseen Hand.
All sigh and look to the horizon
Where They sail for home.
And I, the Seagull, say farewell.