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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Giovanni Paolo Panini
St. Peter’s Square, Rome
Gallery 28A

Claire Langenderfer

Through a Nomad’s Eye

Mellow breezes tap at your back as you amble into the Square.
The cerulean sky breaks through the cloud veil,
Beams of light warm the dusty ground,
And pockets of shade shroud the rest.
To your right, tremendous ruins slumber,
Wanting to be noticed, reconstructed.
Pompous patricians parade their carriages
Through the Square, careless of those deemed plebeian.
Your vision flits over the rest of the scene,
Finally resting on the men next to you: a Good Samaritan and a fellow vagrant.
Sure, the Church with its massive size and strength dazzles you,
As do the Obelisk and surrounding gates.
But you have seen it all before:
Impressive feats forged by artists and architects.
For a nomad like yourself, these are a monotony.
You find allure, elegance, and beauty in the simplicities of life:
Care and concern, peace and love between intimates and strangers.
To you, this is God’s Grandeur.