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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Giovanni Paolo Panini
Architectural Fantasy with a Concert Party
Gallery 28C

Aaron Powers

Street Life Orchestration

A troupe of players meets to perform,
Known by none, heard by all.
Pizzicato prelude, preparing for a show,
Pianissimo legato, notes slowed and connected to the next,
Dynamic precision, each note clear and crisp,
Calls passing strangers to pause and bathe in beauty.
Flickering notes swirl and interlace, blend and harmonize.
Sounds of life and love dance through the pillars,
Resonate and echo off the arches.
Reverberation creates harmonious excellence.
No single notes are forced together;
All of the players unite in one entity –
Allegro a tempo, brisk and lively,
A fortissimo that swings and spins in and out of ears,
A wave that pulses and provides rhythm.
Commuters walk to a beat of order and euphoria,
Swaying to and from the market.
The audience laughs and enjoys the free concert.