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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Winslow Homer
Sunlight on the Coast
Gallery 30B
Sahirah Bruce

Sin-Befouled Waters

In the summer,
the best place to think is The Cliff–
but no ordinary cliff.
It hovers over the most expansive,
beautiful, shimmering, sea you ever will see.
She shimmers and shines like a new topaz diamond.
I call this my thinking place.
Here, I am reminded of
all the beautiful accomplishments God has achieved,
forming this wonderful world.
Only God could have created a sea
as enticing as the afternoon sky on a clear sunny day,
drawing a smile from all who witness her beauty.
My thinking place.
When troubles of life overwhelm me, I come to The Cliff.
It is my confidante, who holds my secrets and never tells
I bare my soul to her.
my friend, my thinking place.