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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Frederic Remington
The Bronco Buster
Gallery 30B

Aidan Dillon


Ferociously he rides alone against the world,
Clearly envisioning his goal on the ragged red horizon.
One companion who can escape at any angle
Presents resistance.
Minds of the rider and ridden conjoin in the thought of freedom and triumph.
Dust swirling, earth shattering, thunder clashing,
The surrounding barren landscape quietly spectates
And the burnt purple skyline watches by the light of a glowing orange globe.
Only brothers or mutual enemies
Appreciate a fight like this:
Two for two, yet
One for one,
Progress tamed in setbacks gained.
A step in the wrong direction will lead them forward as well.
The two search for a weakness in the other –
Only one victor, only by willpower.