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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Jan van Goyen
View of Dordrecht
Gallery 24

Marwan Marsenburg

The End Will Never End

It seems as if the End will Never End,
Here in a dark place with no food to eat,
And no light to lift such a depressed and gloomy sky
that fits the feelings of the people below it.
No stores or markets, just a town of famine
built around water centered with a church for the
religious faith of the Dutch culture.
But the church is nothing but rust and will not save
a living soul from hunger and thirst.
So the scattering town takes to
the water in search of new land, food and shelter,
on little boats built to hold 5 but filled with dozens
little children sick and crying, sick and dying
starving for life. When will it end
When it is already ending?