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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Felix-Joseph Barrias
Death of a Pilgrim
Gallery 33

Hannah Osswald

Awakening to Heaven’s Springtime

I wander in this Autumn evening.
My paramount concern is to find a home,
A home belonging to a provident individual
Who lives God’s will to love others —
Who will take me in during my hour of need.
Night grows nearer; the sun sinks coldly into the horizon
Leaving me shivering,
Searching, with one simple request for warm refuge —
To no avail.
Winter sets in, brushing the leaves downward,
And leaving the trees bare in their annual sleep.
I follow after, falling into my eternal sleep
While the hawkish, polar night of winter fades.
The dawn will open a new day —
A day of spring with bright sun and blooming foliage.
God’s love will fill my glacial heart
Ferrying my frozen bones into an eternity of Spring.