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Visitor’s Voices of Central Catholic 2013

Claude-Joseph Vernet
Gallery 28B

Justin Swartz


The seas were rough today, just like every day this week.
I feel like the ocean is angry with me, but all I do is fish!
Day after day, hour after hour, the same result – empty nets.
After all, I do have to put the food on the table.
The ships in the distance sometimes mock me,
make me think that there is something more for me,
something that God has planned.
What if I was supposed to be a lawyer? Or a taylor?
I have other skills, right? These thoughts haunt my mind after a strenuous day.
There is much that we take for granted,
The way the sun gently touches the lighthouse in the distance,
Or how a breeze lightly cools your face on a hot day.
The tree clinging to the ridge reminds me to hold on, for its roots dig deep
Just like my will to succeed,
to provide and prosper in this hellish place we call our world –
The end of the day lets me know that I made it.