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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners 2012

Timothy Alexander Woodson

1st Place

St. Francis of Paola

Much pressure comes with being young,
more than people realize.
We try to be saints, imitating those we know,
but our thoughts prevent us from true salvation.
Sins cloud the surface of my mind,
troubles that I am too young to worry about.
How did I get this way?
I followed the goals of society,
trying to be popular,
Doing what is considered “cool.”
This is not me.
A change needs to happen,
but it is so hard to do when people judge you by the clothes you wear,
and by the color of your skin,
I can’t take this much longer!
These thoughts of lust and popularity,
have no place in me.
I need prayer.
Prayer can heal me,
can rid me of the corruption that holds my mind hostage.
I must pray,
pray like the saints do,
to wash my thoughts clean and pure again.
Will set things right.

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