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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners 2012

Christopher Drees

3rd Place

Discordant Harmony

The music of the city resonates discordantly;
the lives of the lines, the tunes and the tones
fuse in the vast cluttered canvas.
Strokes, notes, intersecting and conflicting
while in chorus, convey concordance
and paint a bolder, more peaceful picture.
The commoners compose a polished ballad
both performing while simultaneously extemporizing.
A superficial disorder muffles the underlying symphony;
the masterful composition, with its many movements
and individually accomplished yet anonymous instrumentalists,
becomes engulfed by a cacophony of strokes, figures, and colors.
A conglomeration of characters combines to play a melody
so delicate it goes unheard by the soloists themselves,
so solitary in their struggle to succeed.

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