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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners 2012

Phil Boiarski

1st Place

Under an April Full Moon

“In light, darkness, not taken as darkness. In dark, light, not taken as light.
Light and dark oppose like front and back foot walking.”

         The last of dusk, now subsumed in night,
dwells with the pair here in the darkness,
while that enormous April moon,
full & fat, bathes all surfaces in a soft glow.

Subtler still, the cherry blooms,
their momentary show
reflected in shadowy half-light.
The two, one older, both in blossom
pause, as fading eyes mute all starkness
and bring all beings closer to

each other. Time walks here, too
in their forms & in the
two women, their kimonos,
silvered by the shining,
like water in an old well.

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