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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners 2012

Laramie Reynolds

2nd Place

Struggles in the Shadows

The clouded light
When a rainbow is in shadow
With an incomprehensible message
And there is a person, hidden away
A secret, forever concealed

Bold, bright, and beautiful- veiled with shadow, sorrow, and shyness
Hidden light, hidden dance
Gasping for one last moment
Inevitable but unreachable
Hidden words begging to be said

So simple, so easy to disappear within
It would be safer- but no, for you cannot silence the colors
For peeking out, slowly and without a sound- a world
Each color brilliant, vibrant, unique
One of many, shining through oppression

Untraceable, untouchable, yet fighting, screaming, shouting, trapped
Locked in silence, they dance in hiding
They may wish they could, dance through life
Fight, scream, shout, dance out of detection

Do not delude yourself- you cannot silence the colors
They resist, they scream and kick and yell until they die
The echoes remain pulsing through the air and the voices rise
The colors melt and sing and breathe and cheer and live framed in gold
Until the darkness, framed in black, always there, always lurking under the cover of night