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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners 2012

Kashvi Patel

3rd Place

Beneath the Black and White

There lies a veil.
A veil masking every individual.

From a far-
Everything is clear,
Everything is open,
Everything colored in black and white,

His teeth a perfect white,
Creating an artificial smile
His suit a solid black,
But what is it concealing?

Step closer, closer, one more step.

Each grid is full of color- a blend of colors- true colors
Not artificial white
Nor artificial black
One painting, one person
A countless number of colors, a countless number of characteristics

All hidden beneath a veil- a filter
Allowing only certain traits -certain colors- to pass through
Blocking one’s true colors
Reflecting those select few- those meant for the world to see
Absorbing the others, hiding them beneath the black suit

A veil – a mask
How to sort out the truth?
When are one’s true colors revealed?