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Ekphrastic Poetry Contest Winners 2012

Alex Gallerno

3rd Place

The Man on the Stone

Gripping the earth,
His toes almost broken,
Muscles so tense,
Yet words left unspoken.
So complex is the subject,
That is upon hand,
For this tiny,
Yet muscular,
Pondering man.
His expression so serious,
Intense with thought,
Yet the place where he rests,
The stone,
Is not.
Although rugged and sharp,
Oh so elegant and calm, the rock that the thinker,
Chose to sit upon.
Portrayed as nude,
He’s left unclothed,
With nothing to hide it,
His simpleness shows.
In the end the thought stands,
Whatever he wonders,
Of religion,
The lord,
His mind far from slumber.
We may never know,
Of the question he ponders,
The man on the stone,
His mind yet to wander.