Tumbleweed Tiny House

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While not created as a work of art, the 65-square-foot Tumbleweed Tiny House was included as part of the Small Worlds exhibition because it and the small house movement which it represents encompass the theme of “small worlds” so elegantly. How does the size of your home reflect the microcosm of your own personal world and the macrocosm of society?

In the fall of 2011, community partners The Andersons and The Lathrop Company donated materials and labor to build the small abode, and to transport it to the Museum. You can tour the house, which is located outside the Monroe Street terrace. It is a fully functioning home on a 7’ x 10’ trailer—complete with living room, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft.

The house was auctioned on Ebay this spring, netting more than $29,000. Proceeds will go to benefit early childhood programming at the Museum.


Up go the walls

Framing in the roof

Finishing the roof

Exterior completed

Finished house ready for the journey

Traveling to the Museum


The house's temporary home is the TMA terrace

Interior: Kitchen

Interior: Sleeping loft