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Call for entries for the Toledo Museum of Art’s 2020 Ekphrastic Poetry Contest

A young women sits on a bench with her back to the viewer, looking at a painting

The Toledo Museum of Art is accepting entries through March 31, 2020 for its 2020 Ekphrastic Poetry Contest. Visitors who have been inspired to write about an object in the Museum's collection are invited to participate in TMA's 11th annual Ekphrastic Poetry Contest by submitting an original poem. The Museum offers writing prompts and activities for guided or self-guided visitors.

Ekphrastic writing, or writing about art, was created by the Greeks but popularized by the Romans. The goal of ekphrasis was to make the reader or listener envision a work of art as if it were physically present. Looking at art and describing art is central to being visually literate in our image-saturated world.

The contest is open to adults, college students and students in grades 6-12. Previous entrants, including finalists and winners, are welcome to participate with fresh material.

The awards ceremony will take place at the Museum on May 22, 2020 at 7 p.m. The jury panel for this year’s competition includes Lucas Fannin, Timothy Geiger, Joel Lipman and Sandra Rivers-Gill.

For all of the submission guidelines, please visit and view the contest flyer.