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Toledo Museum of Art announces partnership with Lucas County Metropolitan Housing

TMA and LMH partnership signing event.
TMA and LMH partnership signing event.

The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) and Lucas County Metropolitan Housing (LMH) have embarked on a collaboration that focuses on immersive community outreach and includes an engagement program that embeds artmaking into LMH’s services. The partnership, which will increase access to art experiences for residents of 10 LMH campuses within a two-mile radius of TMA, is underway and will continue until at least June 2026, fostering a culture of belonging in the Toledo community. Adam Levine, Ph.D., Edward Drummond and Florence Scott Libbey director of the Toledo Museum of Art, and Joaquin Cintron Vega, president and chief executive officer of LMH, created this project because they believe the transformative power of artmaking is relevant for all residents, regardless of age or skill level.

“This collaboration will foster a sense of belonging with TMA, leverage art to celebrate the history of the community and create an environment for creativity,” Levine said.

The complementary strengths of the two organizations will provide a strong foundation for the collaboration. TMA brings art education strategy, methods and resources as well as the focus outlined in its strategic plan, while LMH has expertise in providing pathways to a better quality of life and empowering vibrant communities for their 18,680 residents.

“This is a partnership that embeds artmaking expertise and experiences into LMH’s already comprehensive services,” Vega said. “I am particularly pleased that LMH residents who participate in the programs will not incur a charge or cost.”

The first phase of the project is currently underway and focuses on youth and adult artmaking. Ravine Park and Birmingham Terrace residents who participate in LMH’s Jobs Plus initiative also visit TMA as part of the program. This period allows TMA and LMH staff to learn about each organization’s services, resources and goals. With the gained knowledge, the two organizations will identify one campus per neighborhood (within a two-mile radius of the art museum) for further arts engagement.

The next phase of the partnership will commence in July and span two years. Projects will include creating a mural at Collingwood Green, launching a co-developed art-making space and presenting related programming at the Park Hotel. LMH residents will participate in free programs and events at TMA with transportation underwritten.

Following these collaborations, TMA and LMH will assess the projects for impact and new programming will launch for the remainder of the collaboration.