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April 22 Art Minute: Japan, Okawa school, Crane with Pine Branch

Art Minute, Art of the Week, toledo museum of art
Japan, Okawa school, Crane with Pine Branch. Ivory, about 1965-1974. Gift of Richard Silverman, 2005.90. Gallery 10

The exquisite, collectible miniature sculptures called netsuke were originally developed as toggles to fasten small hanging containers for personal items to traditional Japanese garments. This 20th-century example was carved of ivory in the stylized form of a crane. In Japanese culture, cranes are believed to live for a thousand years and are therefore a symbol for longevity. They also represent good fortune and faithfulness.

This work is currently on view in Gallery 10.

Interested in birds? On April 27, the inaugural three-part Nat Geo Live speaker series at TMA begins. At the first event Tim Laman, a renowned photographer and forest canopy researcher, and ornithologist Ed Scholes, authors of the major National Geographic book, Birds of Paradise Revealed, will take visitors deep into New Guinea to observe these astonishing avian creatures. To learn more about this event and to purchase tickets, click here