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Dec. 2 Art Minute: Judy Hill, Lace Dress

Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo Art Museum, Toledo Museum
Judy Hill (American, born 1953), Lace Dress, 20th century, cire-perdue cast glass and raku-fired ceramic, Toledo Museum of Art (Toledo, Ohio), Given in honor of Thelma Hewitt Smith and Fred A. Smith and their family. 2019.15

Judy Hill's primary focus in her work is on self-portraiture, as seen in this example. Her autobiographical figures are similar in their resemblance to the artist but differ in their expression of moods, often communicated through the clothing and posture. Each offers a personal glimpse into Hill's life at a particular moment in time.

In Lace Dress, Hill has created a seemingly serene figure, dressed in a delicate flowered lace costume. This figured especially demonstrates Hill's extensive skill with multiple materials through the technically challenging openwork glass dress and the unusual combination of cast glass and raku-fired ceramic.

This work is new to TMA's collection and is currently on view in the Glass Pavilion.