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Current Exhibitions

An oil painting of a sail boat on a dark background with a lot of heavy texture.

Expanding Horizons: The Evolving Character of a Nation

Mar. 18, 2023 — Feb. 28, 2025

Expanding Horizons: The Evolving Character of a Nation, opening March 18 at the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA), serves as both an experiment and an invitation. The reinstallation of the Museum’s American art collection will put more than 80 objects in conversation with each other and welcome visitors to share feedback. Art by Thomas Cole, Kathy Vargas, Frederic Remington and Kehinde Wiley will be among the featured works, many of which will be on view for the first time at TMA.
Blue background with text that reads "Machine Auguries"

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg – Machine Auguries: Toledo

Apr. 29, 2023 — Nov. 26, 2023

The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) and Superblue will present Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg – Machine Auguries: Toledo at the Toledo Museum of Art, April 29-Nov. 26.
Beth Lipman "ReGift"

Beth Lipman: ReGift

Aug. 12, 2023 — Sep. 1, 2024

ReGift is a sculptural installation created specifically for the Toledo Museum of Art. It will go on view in Gallery 18, August 12, 2023.  

Upcoming Exhibitions

Caravaggio, The Musicians

The Brilliance of Caravaggio: Four Paintings in Focus

Jan. 20, 2024 — Apr. 14, 2024

The Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) will present four important paintings by Caravaggio in conversation with works from the Museum’s permanent collection. The exhibition marks the first time in more than a decade that four paintings by this renowned Italian artist have been on view together in the United States and only the second showing ever of Caravaggio’s work at the Toledo Museum of Art. A single composition by the artist was shown at the Museum in 1951.

Past Exhibitions

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Black Orpheus: Jacob Lawrence and the Mbari Club

Black Orpheus: Jacob Lawrence and the Mbari Club

Jun. 3, 2023 — Sep. 3, 2023

Black Orpheus: Jacob Lawrence and the Mbari Club will explore the connection between African American artist Jacob Lawrence and his contemporaries based in the Global South through the Nigerian publication Black Orpheus. The exhibition features over 110 objects, including Lawrence’s little-known 1964–65 Nigeria series, works by the artists featured in Black Orpheus, archival images, videos and letters.
Text that reads "We belong to each other."

Our Belonging

May. 3, 2023 — Sep. 3, 2023

Our Belonging by Ambz on view from May 3 - September 3 in the Robert C. and Susan Savage Community Gallery.
Seeing Stars Divining Futures Web Header Image

Seeing Stars, Divining Futures

Feb. 3, 2023 — Jun. 18, 2023

Seeing Stars, Divining Futures highlights the long history of human interest in the cosmos and its impact on earthly affairs. The exhibition showcases works from the Toledo Museum of Art’s collection that demonstrate the integration of art and divinatory practices across eras and cultures. From representations of the zodiac to tarot cards and images of fortune tellers, we invite you to explore how artists communicate our desire to know the unknowable and foresee the future.