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Adopt an Artwork

Cruet Set

ArtistChristopher Dresser (British, 1834–1904)

DateAbout 1886–1909

DimensionsMaximum H. 3 5/8 in (9.2 cm)

MediumElectroplate (silver on yellow metal) and glass; blown, cut, and polished


Credit Line2011.2a-g; Gift of Thomas T. Solley

Cost to Adopt

The electroplated components of this cruet set have developed a layer of tarnish over time. The tarnish will need to be removed. Silver tarnish is often reduced using pH adjusted solutions consisting of mild acids. The surfaces will be cleaned with water to ensure no acid remains. Once all tarnish is removed, the silver components will be lacquered to prevent the tarnish from reforming. Generally, museum grade silver lacquers prevent tarnish formation for 10 to 12 years.